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The Client
BME Group Limited
The Time Period
2003 - present
The Property
Bunker Bar, Glasgow
The Facts
Saltire was requsted to provide consultancy to ensure that obligations linked to property ownership were being met. From advice in lease interpretation to Health & Safety legislation, we covered all of the bases.
"I can concentrate on my own business and leave property matters to Saltire to sort out in a most professional way."
Mark Goldinger
BME Group Limited


The emphasis we place upon uncompromising credit control procedures can be decidedly advantageous to clients.

Legal aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship come under the microscope here to achieve agreeable solutions. Sourcing favourable insurance terms and organising appropriate payment transactions is a further problem that needn’t be a burden. Similarly, you can entrust arranging statutory inspections of plant and machinery to Saltire’s stewardship.

Simply enjoy the freedom to concentrate on core tasks and consider the opportunities to add value that we’ll strive to uncover.

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