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We recommend that you familiarise yourself with our reassuring guides to the regularly updated Health & Safety legislation. Here are some of the most recently amended areas:
Health & Safety
Hazardous Substances
Work Equipment
NB Due to the volume of health and safety legislation, these links may not contain all responsibilities / duties under current legislation. Information contained herein should only be used as a general guide and a basis for further investigation regarding legislative compliance.

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Knowledge of the nuances in our marketplace will allow you to fully appreciate the extent of our commitment to advanced service levels and hopefully improve your prosperity. Hence the concise advice here in what will be an increasingly feature-rich corner of an evolving site and an important destination for online knowledge.

What to expect from a high-calibre property management company.

There is little point in having a managing agent if you end up making all of the decisions yourself.

You need confidence that your agent will always act in your best interest, to ensure you maximise the return from your property assets. Fundamental to such confidence is a firm but fair credit control policy, harnessed with a similar interpretation of legal agreements and contracts.

All of this needs to be reported in a clear and concise manner that satisfies both your estates and accounting departments alike.

Every client has its own requirements, which need to be tailored into a bespoke package. Furthermore, a practical approach to the myriad issues that affect property on a day-to-day basis needs to be handled with calmness and surety.

Does your property management company tick all of these boxes?

Getting the best out of your property management company.

Confidence and trust are crucial to a strong and lasting relationship between the client and their managing agent.

Initially, it's crucial that communication procedures and areas of responsibility are clearly established, in order to prevent important issues falling into grey areas. Due to the wide-ranging nature of property management services, it's essential that everyone involved knows the part they should play.

Only now can the partnership start to evolve in a mutually beneficial manner.

How to best protect your property investments.

Obviously, you require a dependable pair of hands into which you can entrust your most valuable of assets.

Unless you possess the extensive experience yourself, you need the assistance of a specialist property manager. Not only will this protect the fabric of your building through proactive maintenance, but it'll also maximise property income and minimise the risk associated with property ownership.

The very best way to protect your property investments? Contact Saltire.

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